Blink Session is compatible with:

    All Features
  • Google Chrome version 28 and later on any device except iPad or iPhone
  • Brave Browser except iPad or iPhone
  • Most Features
  • Firefox version 25.0.1 and later on any device except iPad or iPhone
  • Safari on Mac macOS 10.12 Sierra or later
  • Safari on iPad or iPhone iOS 11 or later
This test will check your camera, mic, and internet connection. Please note: even if you receive a good test result, if others in your session have a poor connection, your connection to them will be affected. For detailed information on what affects video call quality, go here.

Using a content/website filter?

If there is a content/website filter on your network or computer, you must enable (whitelist) the following domains and sub domains:
  • login.blinksession.com
  • https://*.tokbox.com*
  • https://*.opentok.com*
  • blinkmedia.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com
If you have a firewall rule(s) to block certain network traffic you must allow the following:
  • ws://ws.pusherapp.com on port 80
  • wss://ws.pusherapp.com on port 443